blender/makehuman legalities

Hello, I am new to the world of computer graphics (I started working with blender when Tony Mullen’s book came out last March or so…so about 6 months) and am wondering if anyone knows anything about the legalities of using makehuman, blender and/or poser and vue. Basically, I would like to turn some short stories that I had written several years ago into short animations or possibly comic books. I plan on using makehuman to make the characters’ basic meshes and then refine the meshes in blender and poser (making background scenery with blender and vue) and then rendering with either blender or poser (and import the renders into manga studio for the comics). I plan on putting the animations on youtube initially but if all goes well I would like to eventually publish some of the animations and the comics comercially. I know blender can be used in comercial projects and am wondering if makehuman is covered by the same type of license and if makehuman retains ownership of the objects that you make with it (for example, from reading poser’s EULA, if I understand it correctly, Poser retains ownership of any mesh you make with the program, but the artist has the right to use any rendered image or animation he/she makes from the mesh in any way he/she wants to). Does anyone know if the workflow I’m planning (outlined above) is a legal use of any/all software involved, especially makehuman (I plan on doing most of the work in blender and makehuman so could do without poser/vue if necessary). I’m taking some graphics classes at the local college and I really wish they would have some classes that deal with legalities and similar issued. Anyway, thanks for any input or ideas anyone can share.

well blender and MakeHuman are free to use, poser is commercial though and the same for Vue, but i don’t see why you couldn’t use them, if you have original software.

I see a few people around the 3D community that want to use 3D software to make story book illustrations, or animations for the stories, and so on. I think they should get together and make website. I think that would be a good idea, it would be an interesting community.

Thank you.