Blender Manuals Explanation of "Weld Edges into faces"

The manual says :

There is a tool that comes up in blender 291 under the search that is called “Weld Edges into Faces”
its defined like this:
A tool to split selected faces by loose wire edges. This can be used in a similar way to the Knife tool, but the edges are manually setup first.

What is a WIRE edge ? ? and what would make it be loose ?

A wire edge is an edge not adjacent to any faces. I.e. if you select a single vertex and extrude it, you get a wire edge. Or, if you select two vertices and hit F, you make a wire edge. Which is a common beginner mistake when wanting to cut a new edge in an existing face.

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:crazy_face::crazy_face:…now I’m wracking my brain trying to remember how to Split Faces* using existing points on their periphery…:cry::cry::sob:

Man, aging memory sucks. *Thank the devs for the Knife tool.

Connect Vertex Path (default keymap J).


A little video that explains what J does compared to F