Blender Market - a Blender exclusive marketplace from CG Cookie

For the last couple of months the CG Cookie crew has been busy working on a new endeavor.

We have teamed up with Matthew Muldoon from, bringing him on-board to help with the project.

So today I’m happy to announce It will be a marketplace exclusive to Blender, offering production-ready add-ons, resources and assets built by the Blender community, for the community. We have put a lot of time and thought into how this will best serve the Blender community. We will be launching with a handful of selected vendors to make sure the quality is top notch. Later on, we’ll open up the vendor applications, allowing anyone to apply as a vendor. All products will be thoroughly reviewed, putting an emphasis on quality over quantity.

The commission rate for vendors will be 70% on every sale. No hoops to jump through, no exclusivity clauses, and no gilded memberships to join. We’ll also be contributing 5% of all sales for the first 90 days to the Blender Development Fund.

In addition, we are building out the ability for vendors to contribute a portion of their commissions towards the Blender Development Fund as well. This will allow anyone to help improve Blender.

This will be one of the first markets to truly embrace open source. And to help make it better, not only by providing a means to higher-quality, production-ready assets, but by also increasing the momentum and ability of artists, developers, and users to support themselves and the open source community.

Blender Market will launch later this year.

If you’re interested in being a vendor then send us an email to [email protected]

This all sounds great! :slight_smile: I suppose Contours will get a new home soon? :wink:

Will we be using our CG Cookie account to log in? I already bought Contours so it would be nice if the purchase was transferred so to speak, so it all gets collected in one place witht the rest of my (future) purchases on BlenderMarket.

Yep and yep! Contours will be moved to the market at the time of launch, and all purchase history will be maintained. And you’ll be able to use the same CG Cookie login.

Good to see it finally announced! Can’t wait to be a part of it :smiley:

nice! I knew a store like this would happen sooner or later. Glad to see that part of profits would fund the blender foundation

Congrats! Hopefully this has long term positive impact on the nature of Blender as well as those content creators out there who will be drawn to use it.

So, we will be able to sell 3D models like in Turbosquid? If that’s the case, I’m really interested…

I wonder if you will hook in license codes system so people can put a script or addon and create a paid only support system on their own website (like themeforest does).

Cool cool cool!

That among other things :slight_smile:

We are building in a support system that will highlight purchasers, allowing vendors to give support to proof-of-paid customers.

This sounds really neat!

you guys should do a fancy plugin to download/upload straight from/to the cloud :B
This would make it truly a service exclusive for blender users.

I am so tired of downloading zipped blend files, navigating, unzipping, opening, navigating again inside the blend file, etc etc.
If you take away all that fuzz, that might stimulate more impulse purchases. The less steps it takes to get an asset inside your scene, the closer it is, the easier to buy without thinking about it too much. It’s true that laziness can affect decisions about micro transactions.

This service+ better asset management= killer store feature! Bam

it’s how DAZ sells nekkid chix fairies and accessories to dress them up

Coolio, congrats on the release! :slight_smile:

In addition to this site it would be awesome if you could add a setting to automatically send a certain percent of the sales to the Blender development fund. Say for example I can set my default to be “Add 20% of my sales to the Blender Development Fund” so that I get 50% myself. I think it would be a great way for people to contribute to the fund who normally cannot donate due to various reasons and it would certainly get a great increase of donations to the foundation.

This is already being done :slight_smile: Quoting from OP:

In addition, we are building out the ability for vendors to contribute a portion of their commissions towards the Blender Development Fund as well. This will allow anyone to help improve Blender.

This sounds cool!

One thing I think you could implement that I don’t think is done elsewhere, and I got the idea from some users in the unity3d forums talking about the asset store, is exclusive bidding. So this means that a vendor puts up some assets and people could bid on it, whoever wins gets the content exclusively, so they know that if they are using it in a game or animation that they are the only ones with the asset. Might be too much of a headache with the legalities and writing proper licences but I thought it was an interesting idea.


Sorry, apparently I didn’t read it through as carefully as I thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting and you can show us how is the quality do you want?

We’ll have some examples pretty soon. In the mean time you can just email us what you have and we can give it some quick feedback.

[email protected]

i have a question, can we sell the model on both turbosquid and blender-market?
for eg. on turbosquid the model is priced at $100, but you said that you would review it and then price it accordingly, so what if the price is then set a $50(on blender-market) and then somebody from turbosquid who bought that model discovers that he could have saved money reports this.
is this a thing to be worried about?

Ok many thanks i wait to see your examples