Blender <-> MarmosetToolbag 3 - Baker bridge

sounds good Titus! if you do end up make a video could you show exploding/seperate bake as well ? cheers,

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So I bought this with the hope that I could figure out the workflow on my own but it feels really difficult, I am sorry to say. I spent awhile just to figure out how to even get things to rename properly. I still actually can’t get exporting of a baker group to work without some “ui_tab” python error, but I have no idea if I’m doing something wrong or not. I linked a group but am not sure if I did it right either.

Side note for anyone else trying to figure it out, here’s how I got renaming to work:

  1. Name your low poly mesh whatever you want it to be. Let’s say “Helmet” for example.
  2. Click on the high poly and then also select the low poly mesh (the only one that has a name)
  3. Click on the “LowPoly” button under the “Naming” section of the addon. This will add _low to the suffix.
  4. This will also open up the ability to click the “HighPoly” button. Click that and it will add _high_part_1 to your high poly mesh’s name.
  5. I believe that if you were to select multiple meshes before selecting the low poly that it will number them in sequence.
  6. You should now have a naming pair.

A couple of potential bugs:

  1. Like anphung mentioned, I too will put all of my low meshes in one collection and my high in another. When I tried to Link a pair from the Low group it linked all of the high and low meshes into a group. Clicking “Add” under the “Groups” section works fine in terms of creating a new baker group with the named pair.
  2. The Unlink button doesn’t seem to do anything. At least I couldn’t get it to do anything.

Here is the error I got when trying to export. Is it possible it’s not working in 2.81?

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Addon was updated to 0.0.8:

  • Blender 2.81 compatibility fix

Many thanks!


Maybe you can get together with this author, and add the possibility that there would be a choice to add AO and Normal cards after baking in the marmoset in the slots inside the Substance pinter.
Of course this is too arrogant, but suddenly it turns out > _ <

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I’m still having issues with linking groups in 2.81. It will go through and grab anything named “_low” in the scene and grab all of the matching meshes and link them into a group, instead of making individual groups for the naming pairs. Works fine for just adding to a group under the baker, but linking isn’t working the same.

EDIT: I am actually getting a ton of error messages with this addon, to the point where half of it just doesn’t even seem to work. I’ve tried in 2.80 as well as 2.81 with the latest 008 release. I can post all of the errors I’m getting if you want but I’ve got errors with trying to open Toolbag, trying to export the meshes, the above mentioned linking…

Here’s the error when trying to click on the “Run Toolbag 3” button. Tried setting the toolbag exe as Admin just in case but that didn’t help.

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