Blender Mascot #WIP

Hey there!

Here is the recovery of my Blender Mascot wich I lost in January with many other projects, after the fall off of my external hard drive :sob:.

I wished to publish the finished model as well as the MeetBlend version {cf}, but fate wanted it differently .

After a good month of several depression :sweat_smile:, I finally gain the strength to resume the projects lost [the recovery cost of the hard drive was unfortunately excessive].

All the render made with eevee :wink:

A little test with the classroom scene convert for eevee

Many ideas for this little guy, a printable version in 3D will be made available for free soon.

The model having already received a good reception on Skecthfab {cf}, I hope that will be the same here :wink:

Don’t hesitate if you have questions :wink:


I want one of those!

Soon Stay alert :wink:

Like him a lot – but better without the tattoos I think.

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The tattoos would make him harder to reproduce by other artist.

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I love it :slight_smile:

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I love him - particularly with the tattoos as he looks both so hard and so cute!