Blender Master Course/Certification

Hi All, I was thinking that it would be VERY useful (also for me) the have some group of advanced blender artists/gurus that would teach Blender - something like a course/certification. Ofcourse for some money/fee. This group would make something like a list of projects that would be necessary to complete + they would help the students to finish them (us). After the student would finish his projects (1-2 years) he would get Blender certification. The projects can be focused so that at the end the student would have prepared a demo reel or a nice portfolio (for example). This ‘school’ should be online.
I would find it VERY useful - really.
Do you know if something like this exist? If not what do you think about this idea? (I’m only a beginner so I would be the first student).

Hmm, there are plenty of 3d schools out there, online and in-class but they’re usually based on other programs (Maya, 3ds Max, …). I think thats mainly due to the fact that, those are the programs used in the industry. Hmm, I havent heard of any movies (except Peach & Orange) or games made using blender, well not professionnaly at least, so yeah. Of course, an organized “Blender school” could be an interesting idea, but I doubt I would pay much for it, seeing as there are so many tutorials and useful info out there on the net, it just takes a little more patience.

Many universities around the world have a Blender course in their curriculum. One example of such a course is .

the comps in my school have blender on them. i was blending earlier today

You can earn official blender certificates.

Jogai, I think there’s a slight misunderstanding here. The official Blender Certification program targets educators. So first off a series of teachers will become certified.

This will happen soon… (no dates but soon). Then these teachers can together perhaps set up certificates at a user level for their students.

That would be great. I just think with some more prof. attention to us (students) could be learning time a bit faster. (plus with some schedule, lessons…etc…). It does not have to be a school - maybe one prof. would have only one student…and help him to go the right direction…