Blender material Car metallic paint

I did this material “Car metallic paint” I enjoy your opinion and recommendations :grinning: Eevee render

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Hi ! Welcome on BA !

Nice car ! :smiley:
Ahah ! What about posting some render on an actual car, to have an idea of the targeted result ? :slight_smile:

See you ++

And Cycles render

Youtube Video []

but the car is still being in developing :slight_smile: and beautiful suzanne doo great jobs for this…

Ok ! I’ve just seen the video it looks very nice

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it is a nice shader,i would like to point out the shader represents what is called orange peel.
it is what happens to car paint when air density and temp. are not optimal.
it usually can be buffed out before laying down the clear coat.
it happened with factory paint a lot.for hot rodder’s it is an undesirable effect.
now if you want to model an older car,it would accurately depict the paint of the time.
or historically correct for say eastern European vehicles.
still,nice job!

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Every mass-produced car has orange peel. :grinning: :wink: not only Lada :laughing:

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how did i do it :slight_smile:
1 I mix two glossy shaders

2 mix factor link Voronoi texture “CELS” “SCALE 1000”

naw looc like metallic paint Base but need more orange peel :rofl: :rofl:

3 some Bump node and Noise Texture, now looks like an orange peel, cheap spray gun

now needs a little LACК “clear Code”

Complete Shader

and the resul

the dumbest dumb world cheap spray gun and paint :wink::face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile: