Blender mesh -> UDK: Commercial use

Hi All,

I’m looking into a (maybe commercial if all goes well) project in UDK and I seem to be seeing a lot of folks having issues in getting their work out of Blender into UDK. Is there a commercially usable exporter for meshes (including skeletal meshes) that UDK will recognise?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Just in case anone else is interested in this line of enquiry, I apprear to have found the answer through random luck.

I stumbled on this page:

Apparently the FBX exporter in Blender is written without using the FBX SDK and is under the GPL, so yay :slight_smile:

I use Blender with UDK, so I can answer a bit here.

There’s an addon under import/export to export Unreal .PSK skeletal meshes and .PSA animation files. It hasn’t been worked on for quite some time as I understand, so it will randomly barf errors for mysterious reasons on some meshes.

If that happens, the FBX exporter will do armatures and animations, you just might experience some odd orientation issues when importing the mesh into UDK. I haven’t had anything that playing with the RotOrigin properties in the skeletal mesh editor couldn’t solve though.

Thanks for info Enos, it’s great that we have 2 avenues of export :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying learning Blender at the moment (going through some 3DBuzz tutorials - those guys are great). Coming from Maya and Max I find the Blender interfrace is really economical. I’m used to a 2 monitor setup at work but at home I just use 1 and Blender doesnt feel constricted at all. Noticed an ood bug where zooming and dollying the camera seem to stop working but a restart sorted that.

Anyway, cheers for the help:)