Blender model colors don't look correct in Unity

I’m new to Blender, and been trying to learn to make something for a project in Unity. I’ve learned how to get most of the stuff to work, but one thing is fighting me. I drag the FBX file into Unity, and find that it does not match the colors in Blender. My Blender file has no textures, just a couple of simple materials. Since I’m not texturing, I figured I don’t have to UV-Map it, as that was still confusing. What am I doing wrong?


This might be a dumb question, but are you sure it’s not the lighting in the Unity scene, if you have a yellowish lamp on a white object, then it will take any little tinge of color that is being emitted (and Blender’s solid mode by default doesn’t render light color).

Blender isnt doing anything thats causing that from what I know. If you are putting an object into Unity, dont expect a non UVed object with materials to transfer over exactly as you see it in blender. Unity is a game engine, as such, UV the object, apply texture maps to it and check Unity’s lighting. Whatever you see now is Unity with some lighting set up and or giving you something till you actually get around to UVing the object and setting the material within Unity.

Okay, I was hoping it some something simple I was missing. I’ll go back and re-study the UV stuff, and try to whip together some textures. Thank you.