Blender modelling progress (My Car Modelling progress)

I have mostly been modelling cars since i started using blender as a hobby about 2 and a half years ago. This post shows my progress in modelling progress!

These are some of my very old models, these date back to 2016

After making some pretty sloppy models i was pretty frustrated , so then i decided to move to making faces which was a bad and good idea at the same time. From modelling some pretty bad faces i learned how to better use the edges and learnt that topology was a thing. Back then i was randomly adding edges where ever i thought was fit and hence my models didnt look great. Then came this model which i was pretty happy about. This was avout 2 years ago as well.

And then i started modelling more and more cars in my free time. I learnt that the key was to take things slow, focus on one part at a time and detail it as much as you can. Now here are some of my 1 year back models.

Better looking renders are newer xD!

(upload://zp8sBa3bsWmcpXWNJgUZhlYWUh8.jpeg) ![render%2011|690x388]

Here is my artstation profile if you want to see some more stuffs. I am still learning blender as a hobby.

Remember to never give up. Keep trying to learn and figure out things. Keep sharing and keep blending! Got a lot to learn!


Now thats the attitude!
#Never give up in blendering


Wow! So professional models :open_mouth::heart_eyes:

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Dhanyabaad bro​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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