Blender MoTrack to Fusion

Does anyone have a handle on how to get Blender Motion Tracking info and solutions over to Fusion (or vice versa) That way I won’t have to track the footage and objects twice?


I have little experience with such things but did see this : and if you are familiar with Fusion (more than I am) it may help write an exporter. With Fusion free now I was wondering how many folks would also be interested in this workflow…

Thanks. I’ll check out that workflow. If I get this working would there be interest in me posting how it all goes together.

Most definitely!

are you looking for 2d tracks or the 3d camera tracks?
you can always export your solved camera and scene to fbx, dae or something and import that in fusion. best way to import is “file->import->fbx import”
this will create a node tree for all the objects inside the fbx file and you have access to every part of it.

for transfering 2d tracks into fusio you would need to write a python exporter.

just an update here- check out these two thread on BMForum

looks like we’re making progress - thanks in large part to Michael Vorberg

thats me! just for reference

i have a new version almost ready

now it exports the camera already rotated, so no need for the translate3d after the camera
i fixed the unit conversion bug
and now it works with as many cameras as you like

i will start a new thread in the scripts section then

made some changes to my export script, will release the it very soon