Blender Mpeg Support: One Question

I am trying to train myself to replace all other software I use with Blender whenever I can, and that of course means editing my latest home movie in the VSE (which when finished I think will be worthy of TheForce.Net). I have tried time and time again to import the mpeg format videos my camera records into AP Pro with no success.
I just tried it in Blender and the support is Awesome! It rendered the mpeg into avi in mere seconds with no trouble at all. The only thing is the first second or two will be distorted but the rest is perfect. The only problem is that I can’t import the audio from the videos without Blender crashing (I get the message “Blender has stopped working. Windows is searching for a solution…”). AP Pro can’t interpret the audio either, and I think it’s because it’s in 5.1 Surround Sound. Since we thought it was nifty and I had no idea it would later pose a problem, we set my Handycam to record in that sound format. I’ve also tried SUPER and Avi Mpeg Video Converter trial version and neither of them work either.

Is there any way I’ll be able to import my audio?

Nice work, I was just thinking simliarly good things about the sequencer last night. And ran in to exactly the same problem you did. Not much wanted to play ball with the AC3 encoded digital soundtrack my camera was spewing at me.

I found that avidemux works just fine for the task. As a bonus, if you’re in linux you can type the word “file” followed by a filename and you will be told what sort of file it is.

Also, VirtualDub may do it, though I can’t be sure it exports audio.

(sigh) Avidemux didn’t work (at least I couldn’t get it to work). I’m trying Virtualdub now.