Blender multiplayer addon

Hey In the multiplayer mod, isnt it possible to make a fps game? cuz it works fine til i starts to shoot, then fter exacly 25 rounds everyone gets disconnected, and the ‘‘’’ says, ‘‘Connection time out’’

Is theer anyway to be able to shoot more than 25 rounds? plz help!

Are you talking about Agoose77’s multiplayer add-on? By “rounds” do you mean bullets? You might be adding too many entities than what the server/connection can handle.

Yea well how can i fix that? plz!

It mostly depends on how you set up the game. if you use edit object actuator, set a time to around 300 frames. That should do it. You might also have an out-of-date add-on. example file might help in understanding

No even if i set the bullets to just appear in like 1 secound, then ‘‘end object’’ its stil the same, and i can shoot 24, and then wait like 20 min even if they have all ben removed after 1 sekound, if i shoot one more then disconnected :((

is it possible in some way to get ray logic working through the server? because then i could use that as the fire instead of adding an actual object

Online FPS requires more abstraction than having just projectile bullets flying through the world hurting people. All firing needs to be rayCast().

I suspect you don’t have the all the necessary features even thought out yet but you must start by switching to rayCast() firing, then start working with server authority, client prediction etc.

okay, yea well i figured bender isnt an ultimate softwares for game, so i switched to unreal

Suits you well since you’re just making an FPS game.

Once you learn how FPS games work in the first place you can attempt to make one in BGE.