Blender music format?

Could someone just refresh my memory and tell me exactly what kind of a music file blender would play?

the bit rate?
the format etc w/e else is needed


As is, Blender only plays 16 bit wav files. Not really a good solution for music. Someone posted a pysonic tutorial a little bit ago, you could also use pygame and then use ogg or midi files, which work a lot better for music.

The pySonic solution is much easier, but it’s Windows only for the time being. Pygame is multi-platform, but users need to have a full Python install and Pygame installed to hear music (though ST150 has a package on his site for Windows Pygame mp3 and ogg support without needing a Python/Pygame install).

nice where can i get the MP3 support thing?

thanks for the help!

midi would be cool too, the pySonic sounds really nice :slight_smile: