Blender Nebula

A wallpaper made with particles and force fields.
If you would like a higher res version email me at [email protected]

Excellent work TGinn :smiley:

cool - maybe if you’ll increase add value of the halo material it’ll look much better.

nice effect TGinn. Looks like you had a lot of fun with this. Any chance of a brief description of how you did it?

Not a problem at all. I made 3 spheres, each emitting about 3000 particles, and maxed the random variation. I used the vect and face buttons to produce a long wispy particle effect, and gave each sphere a color, white, blue and orange. I made a fouth sphere and gave it a strong vortex field, wich gave the particals a neat swirly look. Thats about it. Simple really.


becomes enthralled by the image and hits his head on his screen while falling toward it

Super cool mang! :smiley:


TGinn, could you please post the blend file ? I’d love to know how to use particules, and the use you make of them is really impressive [!]

Oooh, that’s cool! :smiley:

I am intersted in the blend file as well. It would be great if you could post it.