Blender needs...

somethin like this:

  • NGON to FGON import and FGON to NGON export support.

  • Greyscale, indexed, RGB save option for the texture.

  • Support for the transparent texture/image in object mode.

  • Move axis limit/lock option for the vertices/edges/faces.

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As far as I know, there is an actual “wishes for post 2.4x versions” thread.

I think all of those things are either supported or coming. As far as I know Xarficle/Briggs is developing the Ngon thing… Bmesh. You could save a texture using the material nodes IF you could view the material node output in the image/uv editor (<— note to the DEVS). You could use the nodes to go from rgb to grayscale. For indexed, I don’t know. I think it would have to be a separate node.

You can use transparency in the 3d-view if you enable transparency in the F7 buttons (object buttons) for the object (mesh only). You can lock an axis by pressing G to grab (or R to rotate, S to scale) and the pressing shift+x/y/z (the axis you wish not to use). This works in edit mode too. Not sure if that is what you meant.


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This is great news!


Sorry, I didn’t write it down too well. I did mean that, if I have a UV texture image file in .png format with transparent areas.

I would like to limit the mesh vertices moving axis like I can limit the Object moving axis in ‘Transform Properties’ window.

I would like to limit the mesh vertices moving axis like I can limit the Object moving axis in ‘Transform Properties’ window.

For what purpose would use it?

Blender needs more people who can use it properly.

Amen :yes:

Just shuffle in that ‘How to use Blender properly 101 by BlackBoe’ wiki link.
While waiting it

Well, I was missing this kind of function when I was doing a landmass objects for the game.

Maybe vertices axis moving limitations by viewports.

Just an ideas…

To move vertices along their normal / local axis’ you can enable the “normal” space orientation from the bottom header (where it says “Global” as default). That might help. Then just select a vertice and press g+xx/yy/zz . This should move the vertice / edge / face along its local / normal axis’ .

It’s all very well to be sarcastic. :stuck_out_tongue: But the point is that I’ve seen hundreds of feature requests, and very few people actually making pictures that use Blender to its potential yet.

The transformation system of Blender is extremely evolved. It can be activated through mouse gestures and/or keyboard shortcuts and/or a manipulator widget.
This includes constraining the transformations relative to the view.

Just an ideas…
Most if not all of what you needed is already there: ask for it, in a help forum not into this one, before saying that it doesn’t exist. You would have found it quite easily in the available documentation (you know, that ‘Help’ entry in the top menu…) or if you had bought one book or two… No offense, I hope, but that lack of effort is what’s irritating.

Now I must thank you for not having started a “What Blender has…” thread. We’d never be finished.


“A big fat honkin space gun” primitive

No, none are there yet.

NGONs are not supported in Blender or in API
You only can create 24-bit images via API and save those as they are… 24-bit image.
So far I didn’t see any tutorials how partially transparent UV image textures are showing as a partially transparent in object mode.
You can’t set a global or view-port x/y/z axis moving constraints for the vertices.

Maybe I just do something wrong with search function.


The DEVS should throw the spoon to the corner and just start to use the Blender properly… Everything are already there.

Maybe I’m to dumb here, but you can not set any constraint for the movement of vertices. But of course you can move them along global or view-port x/y/z axis. If you would really need a constraint, you would have to use a hook.

So, your original question had nothing to do with Blender having Ngons…
Since they are under development (as a side effect of the Bmesh project by Briggs) it is a bit late to develop import/export scripts that would implement the kind of conversion you’d like.
It would have been nice though, something that couldn’t have escaped the script authors. I surmise that there must be some major difficulty that prevented its implementation.

  • Greyscale, indexed, RGB save option for the texture.

If you are talking about baked materials (I guess…) they’re actually saved in 32 bits format, TGA. From there they can be batch converted to pretty much anything, even formats Blender doesn’t offer, like GIF. Easy enough.
In those circumstances, is it really worth diverting precious development resources to that problem? You tell me if there something I’m not catching.

  • Support for the transparent texture/image in object mode.

If you uvmap using an image with alpha the transparency will show in Object mode under OpenGL, potatoe mode (ALT+Z)

  • Move axis limit/lock option for the vertices/edges/faces.

It is hard to tell if you are after transformation constraints (as used while modeling) or animation constraints.
For the former I already told you that constraining to the view is easily achieved. You are right that they can’t be locked permanently like in the Transformation properties panel.
For the later use hooks.

Gimme some mo

I know that you use the search function here and in Google. Yet, you could ask if things exist or if there is a workaround first and I don’t think that demanding is a good attitude in any case.