Blender Network Rendering (Can't access /temp/output.exr)

Im working on getting a network render farm going at my school. So far I’ve been able to get all 3 types (Client, Master, Slave) communicating, I can “Send Job” from client to the master, and the two slaves I’m testing with have stated “Master Server Found”.

However, I have now run into a problem that when I try to render, either “Get Image” "Get Animation’ or “Animation on Network”, I get the error message - RE_result_react_from_file:failed to load C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Temp\output.exr

I have looked in the specified file and there is a output.exr there, but blender seems unable to access it. I am able to open the file in PhotoShop, so I do not believe it is a permissions issue.

Any ideas would be a huge help! I’m on a bit of a tight deadline for this proj, so the sooner I can get this farm working, the better!

Thanks all in advance!

  • Brent

This is the rendered image size problem. In rendering machines rendering settings need to exactly same. (ex. rendering size)