Blender new, easy question about textures.


I’m really new to blender and just figuring out the basics, And I had a question.

If I create a object (in this case its a bathroom sink) can I apply the textures and then move the object around with the textures staying the same? like apply a wood texture to the sink, then move the sink into the room i’m making?

And second question, if I build a object and texture it (bathroom sink again) and then I SHIFT+D the object, will the textures copy over also?


Yes on both accounts. Just make sure that you use UV or orco. With orco you can choose cube or sphere and you’ll get nice results but not perfect. With UVs, you’re in control how it should look like.

If using Glob or something else; it will make textures float. The best way is to try everyone and see what happens. Especially with procedural textures.

You certainly can.

If you unwrap and texture an object you can move, scale or rotate it anyway you want in object mode and edit mode, but if you move vertices/ faces then you may get some texture distortion.

Shift+D will duplicate the object, UV’s and any material(s) that is applied to it, so that will work.

I would suggest, since you are new that you have a look over the Wiki page for blender, some very useful information on there that will go a long way to helping you become proficient in blender :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and the link!