Blender nightly SVN RPMs?

I dont know about you guys (and gals) but I love the stuff over @ graphicall <dot> org. But for a linux user sometimes the builds require WAY too much customization to run. I am wondering if there is any interest in taking these daily SVN builds for Blender 2.5 and making an RPM out of it so users of rpm based systems can have an easy way to test builds.

I am willing to do the RPM builds if someone is willing to teach me :slight_smile: But I wonder… is there anyone interested in something like this besides me? Please let me know!

Alright…well it seems the majority has spoken…although 4 people besides myself hardly seems a majority:)

For the people who say no, could you please let me know why? Not that I strongly disagree and wish to argue, but rather you may know something I do not. If you know this is a bad idea for a specific reason please share it with me. I don’t want to be advocating something that wouldn’t be good for the community.

Unlike Windows users, many of us Linux users can build our own Blender, so that removes the necessity of something like this. Furthermore, I would expect that a small subset of the Linux users have RPM-based distros, and as such removes the utility of something like this. Lastly, since many of us have various different library versions, building on a non-standard system would make the binaries unrunnable for many of us, thus removing the practicality of something like this.

Most of linux users here in the BA.Org community,
as far as I can tell, use debian based distros.

So unless your going to be churning out nightly .debs,
I’m not sure your going to see many downloaders,
still might be a few, though…

then again the redhat systems are just to damn painfully annoying and hard to use,
that those few might be really grateful. :slight_smile:

so, meh, I’ll cast a yes,
for someone else…

why do you need a packaged build? i just download linux builds and run them… no installation or extra configs required

You should be able to compile it using the flowing commands:

mkdir blen25
svn checkout
cd blender
cd ../install/linux2/

Then when you want to update just cd into the `blender’ dir and run:

svn up

Most of linux users here in the BA.Org community,
as far as I can tell, use debian based distros.

Im using Arch;)

here is another vote for DEB’s

Thank you to all, I understand now why the idea is not so popular. Since I began my sojourn into the bright new world of linux with fedora, I have been partial to RPM based distros. Perhaps it is time that I look into a deb based distro. I have heard good things about Ubuntu, maybe I’llgive it a go…

I like the new Ubuntu less than the old one…