Blender No_Clip view? Is it possible?

Anybody ever played Half Life 1, and used the cheat No_Clip?
It allows you to move freely in the map, by using your arrow keys
and your mouse. That is what No_Clip cheat allowed.

Now my question is, is this possible in Blender?

Using your mouse, Ctrl, shift are all possible ways
to move around…

but is there a way where I can move freely?

Get into Perspective mode (numpad 5) and press SHIFT+F to activate the “Fly Mode” , read the instructions for all the controls

Thanks Man.
Hey, do you know any good tutorials
in sculpture? (Blender)

On youtube you may find a very lot of timelapses, that may be helpfull to catch some techniques, but for actual tutorial for the 2.5/2.6 sculpt mode, i found this one very good :