Blender no longer runs

I’ve been using Blender for years on Win7. I had v2.9x running fine. Now all of a sudden the first screen (full gray) opens and after a few seconds it goes black, then gray and a notice that my video stopped working but has recovered, and Win tells me that Blender is not responding. I did clean install but no help. As far as I know, I did not change anything. I welcome any suggestions.

Possibly because of an addon? I had an issue where in my blender preferences, the auto-exec python scripts was enabled and that would leave my blender hanging on the grey screen until force closing.

Once Blender is uninstalled you will need to move, delete, or rename the folders left behind in your user profile folder and program files folder. Then reinstall it. Kind of a pain. This has happened to me once or twice over the years. I’m not going to ask about why windows 7 :slightly_smiling_face:

If you may look into the docu how to get some crashlogs… than maybe someone may be even able to tell you something… and even if i may understand v2.9 (i do have a 2.83 and a 2.79 installed on my linux)

Win7… i hope you are not posting this from that computer…

It is clearly indicated in Requirements page that windows 7 is no longer supported since 2.93.

Oki, why do you hope that?

zeauro, I am not trying to run anything that is not supported. Even my older versions cause the graphics driver to quit and then recover.

Ok so version 2.69 runs fine. 2.79 just stops. 2.9x doesn’t work and causes gpu to quit and restart

Blender does not run on Windows 7 since 3.0.

Even Microsoft do not give support for windows 7.

You need to update Windows.

(or use a modern version of Linux :slightly_smiling_face: )

Then you have a deeper problem… because the requirements for 2.9 are more demanding and you said they worksed… so if any older sytem test/check app say everything is good but the latest virus checker is outdated and you had archieved the latest workable driver so you could reinstall win7… then you might get this running… again…

…or …as @DNorman said…

You all seem to miss the point. I HAD even version 3.0 working (with a work-around for Win 7). My virus software is up-to-date and my GPU is fine on EVERY other software. Just some little thing has changed, however Blender 2.69 runs OK. I also have used newer versions in the recent past. But now 2.69 is the latest that runs.

With older systems, it is unfortunately pretty much impossible to help.

You mention you are using up-to-date virus software. This could easily be the cause of the issue, but we can’t know.
Maybe you updated or changed something with your GPU driver? In any case, that is an old version and unless someone has a very similar system, it is not possible to help.

Unless you can pinpoint to a specific change you did on your system, like a GPU driver update, most likely no one will be able to help unfortunately.

But you…

…if you don’t show any crash.log then nobody can fortune tell… what’s going on on your system…


Let me clear this up. OK there is NO CRASH LOG. So that’s moot. Also, I have used 2.9x and even 3.x WITH the latest virus software update. This is a problem that simply happened a few days ago. Nothing to do with Windows 7 non-support etc. Maybe this explains better. Thanks for all who are trying to help.

So if even not if run via:

More logs can be obtained by running Blender from Command Line and using --factory-startup --debug-all flags.

see (docs.blender manualtroubleshooting crash)

IDK how anybody could help (expect complete re-install of blender)…

we also could only guess…