[blender node] image move x or y like roll of imagemagick?

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i wish to ask you, how i will do the image in node change transform left to right like example of ROLL IMAGEMAGICK:
see title “ROLL”

is there the solution in blender?

thank you

(özgür) #2

you can use the compositing

(manuel_songokuh) #3

hi but this is not roll…did you see effect of roll?

(Sanne) #4

In a Cycles material, you can use a mapping node and change x or y location of the texture. See here, image on an uv-unwrapped plane. To see it in viewport, set viewport shading mode to material.

(özgür) #5

import > images as planes or shift A > mesh >images as planes

@ manuel

is this not?

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@sanne, @özgür
thank you all you

for cycles okay
instead blender internal…? >> image as plane and change in UV?

Attachment 518130 yes this is “roll” for imagemagick, i want to know available in blender (trick and tup)

thank you…

(Sanne) #7

For Blender Internal it’s under mapping in texture properties:

If you just want to transform an image, without a 3D scene, you can use the compositor with a translate node.

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Sorry, double post.

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Blender internal

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@özgür and @Sanne : thank you!

sorry for other ask:

i add keyframe in x: 10 (in mapping) frame number 1 and go to 250 , i change X: -10, this is animation for mapping x or y but result not animation for mapping…why? :eek:

instead render not show image…why? :confused:

(özgür) #12

Frame number: 1, x=10
The mouse pointer is on the x value > right mouse button > Select: insert keyframes or insert single key frame
Frame number: 250, x=-10
The same process

For Blender internal
Texture > İmage Mapping > Extension: Repeat

(manuel_songokuh) #13

@özgür see this link:

for this i’m stop …maybe im ignorant …:no:

(özgür) #14


İmage Mapping > Extension: Repeat (it must be)

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wow…blender is all…uhm…

okay this is resolve…

but little to ask for “to know” :
why play animation not shows in viewport shading: texture,shader,material…instead viewport shading: rendered works…but why not in texture?

if use in texture (animation in cut out, 2d,etc how?)

(özgür) #16

3D view > N key > Shading > GLSL

(manuel_songokuh) #17

hi nothing to me…
see here:

(özgür) #18

maybe, your graphics card capacity or driver
you can update the graphics driver

(manuel_songokuh) #19

ok, my linux is opensuse tumbleweed 2018, video card: amd H6870 (BARTS) opengl 3.0, MESA 18.0.0-rc4m linux 4.15.8-1.