Blender noob

Im new to Blender, and 3d software all together, and I was wondering if I could get some guidance as far as modeling goes. I feel rather clumsy with it right now, but I figure that will fade with time, but I had a question about the softbodies, I cant figure out how to apply them to my model, thanks for the help in advance. :smiley:

go to the help menu in blender. check the release logs for 2.37 for some softbody advice. also check the manual and tutorial links in blenders help menu. hope that helps.

As you are learning, keep a diary. Write down what you have learned each day. When you have a question, write down the question … then “let it go.” Once you have written it down you will not lose it. You don’t need to chase-off after that particular rabbit now, but instead you can remain focused on your original path … which you have also written down and therefore can’t “lose” either.

When you are learning, it’s better to take a “breadth-first approach.” In other words, discover the lay of the land in the forest first… then pick one particular tree for further investigation. There will be a lot of gaps in your knowledge, but that’s to be expected. The diary will relieve you of trying to memorize too much at once. When the “ah HA!” moments happen, as they will periodically, write those discoveries down too.

Don’t erase anything. Keep your diary as-is. Streams of thought are just fine. Don’t edit what you’ve written; write more. The diary becomes a framework in which you can structure what you are learning as you learn it. The “raw, original writing” that happens as you first discover something… even when those first discoveries prove to be not-quite accurate or complete (as they will be)… will be the best. Leave some space on each page for annotations: my system was to write only on the right-hand pages, leaving the left-hand pages blank for ex post facto annotations which I always wrote in a different color.

It works. It’s a classic study technique that I used throughout college and it works in every subject.