Blender Noob

Hi everyone, I’m a noob at blender. I have just started and below are some renders that I have just done in my first week of learning blender. I used to work on anim8or but now have switched to blender to get even better results. :yes:


Hello and welcome to blender, i did also switch from anim8or… a long time ago though, but things are a little different in blender :slight_smile: What was hardest for me to understand, was that there are no specific Modelling mode, or animation mode, its all in one, no importing :cool:

set smooth is your friend

Welcome to Blender. The first few weeks are the most difficult, but with a little persistence you’ll be making progress in no time.

and I suggest to read the wiki too, it’s a mine of useful infos!

The first time I opened Blender, I automatically turned to the Noob to Pro (though I never finished them;)). You have already found some settings I didn’t know existed until I had used Blender for over nine months. Congratulations! Seriously, that is very nice for just coming from Anim8or. The interface of that program confused me, but not Blender!

Happy Blending!

Congrats on making a good choice with Blender.

A couple of tips:

You really should make the objects smooth. To do this, simply select the object, and in the editbuttons, hit the ‘Set smooth’ button. The renders will look a lot nicer.

It also looks like you’re using Rayraced Ambient Occlusion for the lighting in these scenes. While that is fine, it takes a long time and unless the samples are high, you’ll get very grainy images. Try changing The AO settings from ‘Raytrace’ to ‘Approximate’. The renders will be a lot quicker and the grain will be removed.

Have fun!

Same here, but your link is to the wrong place. Here is the right one. Spicy, go through some of the stuff in there. You’ll learn so much so fast, you’re head may explode! :eek: :evilgrin:

Thanks guys! I have been working a bit more on blender and I am trying to make a wine glass. It’s a bit squarish at the top, it needs to be more circuler/smooth. Oh and thanks for the advice guys! Render below:


Try using the spin tool to create your wine glass - an overview is located at It creates objects that have a spun cross section, similar to what you would make with a lathe.