Blender not playing sound?

I’m doing a quick animation test, and a small problem I’ve encountered is that Blender won’t play a song I’ve shoved into sequence editor. I’ve been following the instructions at

Blender plays the song in the Sample thing, but won’t playback during animation. Any ideas?

On the next page of the tutorial :

Animations with sound: Blender is not yet capable of rendering an animation with sound. What you have to do is save the rendered animation (video only), then add the audio track in another program such as VirtualDub.


Note: Later builds of Blender will include the FFMPEG library, which will have a multiplexing option, allowing you to interleave audio with video in one step. For now, you can use the instructions below.

I think this is why though i personally haven’t tried myself . You might try and get a windows version (I assume you are on windows) with FFMPEG integrated from .

I’m not rendering yet, the audio is supposed to be playing in the 3D view, but it won’t.

Have you turned on sync and scrub in the world settings (button that looks like a waveform)? You also need to add the sound in the sequence editor.

Okay you’ve added the sound in the sequence editor. Good.

But what is the “Sample thing”? You need to be very clear when explaining a problem so we can really see what you’re doing. You need to tell us what version of Blender you’re using and what process you’ve followed. You should also post some screen-shots or a blend file if the problem can’t be sorted.

Also, consider going back to the start of the tutorial, with a fresh file and following it again but keeping it simple. For example just use the default cube, with one shape key then follow the steps. I’m pretty sure I covered everything you need to know to get your li-sync to work in that tutorial but if there’s something missing (or if something is different in 2.43) then I want to know. If there’s something in there that isn’t absolutely clear, ask here.


Sound file attempting to use:


See picture for reference, the sample thing I was reffering to is the bottom left part of the menu, the file plays just fine there, I have everything enabled and it’s added in the sequence editor, but it won’t play during ALT A or via the time line window like it should.

Err … I couldn’t get your blend to play the audio … so I just reloaded the wav from the Video Sequence Editor window -> Add -> Audio (Wav) and the sound now plays … And also the wav sequence representation has graphic audio wav “squiggles” now where as before it didn’t . I think you needed to add the audio sequence from the Video Sequence Editor window and not through the Sound Panel in Scene (F10) … If that’s what you did before … This is the first time I actually added an audio sequence so …

EDIT : I just messed around a bit more with your file and I think somehow you must have pressed the “Recalc” button in the Sequencer Panel with 48.0 kHz selected even though your wav is actually 44.1kHz . When I did that the audio disappears from the audio sequence bar . You can press the Recalc button as long as the frequencies match - otherwise the audio is scrubbed out .

I am using the sequence editor to add the audio, there is no Audio (WAV) option, just Audio (HD) and Audio (RAM)

… there is no Audio (WAV) option, just Audio (HD) and Audio (RAM)

Err … But I just added audio (wav) from the Video Sequence Editor Window … In fact you only have wav as an option when adding audio … where are the audio (HD) and audio (RAM) options located ? The HD and RAM options seems more like where you might want to allocate resources for the audio - i.e. on the Hard Drive or RAM memory - not a file type . In so far as I know Blender only supports wavs at the moment .
And like I said above it seems you scrubbed out the audio by pressing “Recalc” with the wrong frequency selected . Just reload from the Video Sequence Editor Window -> Add-> Audio (Wav) and delete your old audio sequence from the VSE .

HD / RAM are in FFMPEG builds … either Linux or Windows CVS builds.

I agreee they are not the most intuitive labels either, but they basically allow FFMPEG supported files to be loaded.


I should note, I am using Linux 2.43 and I do not see Audio (WAV), only (HD) and (RAM).

When importing via the RAM option into VSE, I don’t get any of the standard sound squiggly lines, and the latency numbers in the sequencer thing are at zero. When I import via HD, no squiggly lines, but the latency is at 42. It actually just stopped doing that, now latency is at 0. Argh.

Fuzzmaster, you still didn’t mention which version of Blender you’re using. EDIT: Okay, it’s 2.43, I see it on the image :slight_smile:

Audio HD and Audio RAM were options in one of the 2.41cvs versions (without ffmpeg) and, as I recall, it just changes the way the file is used. Normally, you would use Audio RAM to load the audio file into RAM. The other option is for saving memory by reading the file from the Hard Disc.

Oh, hang on, I just noticed you have a 44.1khz file loaded but you’ve selected 48.0khz playback in the sync panel. Try switching that button to 44.1 and see if that helps. If so, let me know and I’ll add that change to the wiki.

Hopefully that fixes it but I just did a test on a simple file and it didn’t make any difference. (I’m downloading your files and I’ll see if anything turns up)

Nooooope, changing from 48 to 44.1 doesn’t do anything at all. And in case you missed the previous post, I’m using 2.43, linux build. i did notice that after I play the animation, the latency goes to 0 after being at 42/46 (for 44.1 and 48, respectively)

I’m intrigued. First, I’ll confess the Sound Block (Sample thing) has always had me a little miffed. I recall a problem where loading a file into there would prevent it playing in the sequencer - but I’ve got your files now and like VP said, if I just load the audio again and it plays. I assume you’ve tried that a few times though.

Can you try uploading a file with the audio packaged so it should embed it as you have it?

One thing which is bugging me is that in the top menu in the sound block panel, the downloaded file has an audio datablock named “justwannatell.wav” but I’m damned if I can find what it relates to. It says it has 3 users and clicking the button doesn’t make it single user (presumably because the file isn’t actually available?).

In the meantime can you try making sure you load the PJ2 file as audio RAM. Then try playing it with the sync and scrub buttons OFF. If that makes no difference, can you start a new Blender file (default setup) and do nothing except load that audio file into it and see if that plays. If it does work, try pressing the sync button, then play again, then the scrub button, then play again and so on. Keep trying things and see if it stops playing. If it doesn’t work at all, try a different audio file and do the same. Of course, if no audio seems to work in the sequencer then you may have a whole new problem :frowning:

If you have an older version of this animation file, try loading audio into that one and see if it plays (even without the sync and scrub turned on). If you have an older version of Blender, or a non-ffmpeg build, try that too.

I’ll boot into Windows and try it tomorrow, bit out of time at the moment. As for the JustWannaTell, there was originally some directory listing that file, I guess bassam was using it to test his own lip sync or something. Actually, I’ll try Windows right now.

Oh, that’s very interesting. It works just fantastically in Windows, no hassle whatsoever, even though Windows has the AUDIO HD and AUDIO RAM options

Well, at least you know you’re doing it right. The question now is - what was causing the problem in Linux. I think we have to call on a higher authority here because that Sound Block window has never been adequately explained as far as I can tell and there are issues dating back to 2003 with regard to using it. Ton had put it on the “todo” list in 2004 and I had discussed it here with Tony Mullen over a year ago, with no useful result.

Deleting a sound block is apparently virtually impossible (or undocumented) and it would seem that if the problem sound file isn’t even on your system (eg: justwannatell.wav) then there’s absolutely no way of accessing the datablock to remove it. Even when you do have the file, it doesn’t show in OOPS or Outliner or Data Browser and there’s no “F” button to turn off and no “X” button to tag it for removal. For all intents and purposes, it doesn’t exist anywhere - but I wouldn’t mind betting it’s causing a problem.

Aligorith? Anyone? Can we get the sound block data block added to the data browser (shift-F4) so we can turn off the non-existent users and remove the file? Please?

Yeah, I just tried a file in Ubuntu that works fine in windows. Same thing that FuzzM described happens. I’m using 2.43, but I haven’t ‘installed’ it, i.e. I downloaded the file, unzipped it and ran it from the directory. Would that make a difference?

Judging by the thread so far, I don’t think any of you have seen these threads:

I managed to get sound working on Ubuntu Edgy Eft with blender v2.42a with the tips in those threads.
I even got your file playing Fuzzmaster, with audio on linux.

Those instructions however are kind of technical so I didnt really know what I was doing. Moreover, I havent been able to get the same fix working on 2.43 yet.

Good luck!
hope this problem gets sorted…

12 years later somebody might like the following… I came across your comment in a search.

I had a problem with my sound disappearing in the animation.

I discovered that increasing the sound from 1.0 to 1.1 in the sound nodes made all the sounds become audible. I am still not sure why it went mute in the first place.

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