Blender Not rendering a particular Object


I know this sounds too noobish but the fact is that I have an object in 3d view port facing the camera but when I hit render button it doesn't get rendered. If I place a cube at the exact place cube does get rendered. You will do great service to humanity by helping me :)


open a 3Outliner" window, and check in the desired object line, if the little “scene” icon is enabled?!

Thanks for the reply. I suppose you are talking about the little camera icon in the outliner. That is enabled for the desired object.


Hello again
“camera icon”…well not really a “camera”, but…anyway its the most far right one!
Post a .blend maybe?!

This could happen for many reasons, which is why a .blend file would be useful.

Another couple of possibilities:

Cube has a transparent material (alpha = 0)

Cube is on a layer that isn’t included in the render (Render panels->Layer, make sure the layers you’re rendering match the scene layers).

The cube has a particle system attached with emitter rendering turned off.

etc etc etc!