Blender ocean

Worked on this on and off between May to July 2009. Never got round to finish it because I got busy. Then got lazy to restart when I got free :o

I did this experiment to learn material nodes and used a harry potter scene as inspiration. All the textures are procedural. The ocean in the clip is currently at subsurf level 2 only to speed up render and allow straight render. Subsurf level of 4 I think is ideal for the final render but I will have to do it in layers to avoid bogging down my computer.

Hopefully your crits and comments will give me a kick in the a** to continue working on this before I get busy again :smiley:

The sea pulling back is really interesting!
The water itself can use a little work tho

Looks good.

I would add a bit more spray coming out of the splashes. They appear too clean going straight up, you need a few lighter strays going out from the main spray or vary the angle of the spray so it is a bit wider at the end.

Also there is a splash coming up from the back of the rock that wouldn’t happen with the wave going one way.