Blender on 64 Bit Vista

I am considering picking up the 64bit version of Vista, does the regular download support the 64 bit OS, or will I need to compile it myself?

(Please no Linux bait, I have also been looking at that)

You have to compile it yourself. Or look at this build:


Thank you!

Note that this is still very experimental, as it hasn’t been tested widely yet, and build systems are not completely ready yet. We’re working on getting it all done, though.


not sure, based on your wording but, the 32 bit version will work on vista x64.

Thank you.

I should have been more specific, I was mainly interested in if I had to compile my own version if I wanted something optimized for 64 bits.

you can still used optimized 32bit builds. Blender doesn’t really get any advantages from more than 3 gigs of ram because from what i can tell if you have enough vertacies on screen to consume 3 gigs of ram blender is unusable because of how slow it is.