Blender on a Laptop?

Greetings fellow Blender artists! Im new here, and will maybe show off my work on this site later! :slight_smile:

I have Blender on my Toshiba Laptop. I have Windows 7. I hope thats enough information.

Im having trouble navigating around the object I am trying to make! On my desktop I also have Blender, and im able to navigate better because my Mouse has a middle mouse button.

On the Toshiba Laptop, Im using a touchpad. But obviously a touchpad doesnt have a middle mouse button.

Ive been relying on fly navigation but even that doesnt get me where I want really.

Anyone help me?

Plug in a mouse, don’t use the touchpad.

You really can’t use Blender with the touchpad. Nor any other 3D modeling application for that matter.
I know nobody who uses the touchpad as an exclusive form of input on their laptop.

You can re-do all the MMB keybinds in the User Preferences > Input window. It’s pretty difficult to do, and will result in a loss of flexibility. But it’s an option if you’re staunchly opposed to using a mouse.

I’d start of using the Emulate 3-button mouse in the input panel of the User Preferences.
This will allow you to hold down the alt button to ‘make up’ for the lost motion. I know it works on a mac at least.

However, the pad is never a good substitute for the liberty of using a mouse. In pretty much and program. The speed you gain from using a mouse can not be compared with just using the pad. However it can stil be done.

I use my touchpad on my laptop all the time. Just enable “Emulate 3-Button Mouse” in the preferences. Add alt+ whatever mouse movement and key you hit (example, to pan the image, alt+shift+move mouse instead of shift+MMB). I’m very used to it, it’s not a big deal.

I’m very used to the alt button too, have been working with it for months :smiley:

I did blender on my laptop for two years. However, I didn’t use the touch pad. I find that kind of hard…