blender on a raspberry pi. How fast did it render?

I’ve seen people ask about building a renderfarm with them.

I set mine (pi1) running the BMW benchmark file - and it only took 34 hours to render.

There. That’s one curiosity satisfied.

Does anyone have a raspberry pi 3 they could try it on?

We should maybe have a contest, who can make blender run on the oddest hardware, and what are the render times, etc. :slight_smile:


i have a Raspberry Pi3. What system should i use to run blender? Ubuntu or something like that? And how to find a blender repository for that system. I’m able to make a test for You (if it’s still needed).

oh, it’s not needed. it’s just idle curiosity. :slight_smile:

in the default debian/rasprian system I simply:

apt-get install blender

and there it was.