Blender on Computer Arts

(ec2) #1

Computer Arts used to list Blender as a free application for download on its site, for those who wanted to get into 3D. When I visited CA today, I saw it was no longer listed, probablly due to recent Nan’s troubles. The tutorial still exisits.

I first learned of Blender from the CA site.

I’m not sure who in the community would take up the cause, or who has the power to, but I think that it should be listed there again, as CA is a valuable resource for many in CG and Web Design worlds.

Here is the page Blender used to be listed on:

Here is the tutorial:


(Dittohead) #2

they had news that nan crapped out.

did they ever have news blender was being freed.


(iluvblender) #3


Its in computer arts that i first heard of Blender. Thanks to CA.