Blender on Groklaw

Article on Groklaw about microsoft and Blender:

You can find it here.

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I was wondering when MS would do this. It seems that lately they have been more focused on battling FOSS with their own form of ‘open source’ licenses. I doubt they could hurt Blender though. Ton and the developers are way too smart to fall for that.

Yeah, this is so typical MO for MS. Just thought I’d give a heads up.

What is really cool is that Blender is SO part of the FOSS community these days. Many know about it and that will help keep it safe.

developers developers developers developers developers …

I for one would like to see some Blender devs work on Windows itself. Maybe then there would be a stable rewrite of the operating system within the year :RocknRoll:

this remixed music video is better:

the funny thing is you can take that emal and just substitute any application name, - it was a blind spam-mail out to all OSS projects! And, it was a brag that THEY got their Open Office XML as a “standard”. After all, why would you need to follow any standards if you INVENT the standard (even if one already exists)?

Seriously though, now would be a good time to talk about getting Microsoft to Fund an Blender export to XML routine (which I think we already? do when linking to Yafray) but it might be nice to get some money from Big Brother to fund our research…and set the standard for Max and Maya to follow.

Ahh this is on /.

Anyway I think that since Blender runs best on Linux, Microsoft should make their formats more available to Li- actually no, Microsoft should keep their grubby hands out of everything