Blender on (open source microblogging)

So, there’s a free software microblogging website called (similar to Twitter but better and more open, you can even link to your twitter account…). If you don’t know what microblogging is, it’s basically like a big global chat room, or like public instant messaging. Anyway, they just released a new “groups” feature, so of course I added a Blender group.

It looks like a good way to keep up with what people are doing in Blender. Would be good to see what other blender users and developers are up to. (Actually, I work on Miro for my fulltime job, and we’ve been using to keep testers up to date with new features going into Miro and the Miro Guide. We’ve been hearing good responses so far, so I wonder if something similar could happen with Blender…)

Anyway! Would be nice to see some chatter happening on there. My username on there is cwebber, and if nothing else it would be nice it would be nice to know what some other blender users’ usernames are so I could subscribe to you guys. :slight_smile: