Blender on Linux support for Apple prores 4444?

Does anyone know how to get Blender on Linux (I’m using Ubuntu Precise) to support Apple prores 4444?

Basically I have a bunch of prores 4444’s that I need to use as textures in my scene.

I just made a test with footage in 4444 in 12 and 10 bits and works very well in 2.71 on linux mint. some sample files here

But where do you get the codecs for prores 4444 and for Blender 2.71 to support it on Linux?

I tried importing the sample footage as a texture and it worked out out of the box. No codec needed.
Exporting would be a totally different issue, as there is no way to encode directly into ProRes using Blender on Linux. You’d need to export to OpenEXR files and then convert to ProRes using FFmpeg.