Blender on Mac, problem with modifier keys

Hi, my first post in here, I believe this will be my forum of choice.

My problem is basically that Blender doesn’t respect my system-wide Modifier keys settings (System Preferences>Keyboard>Modifier Keys). I’ve already tried even non-elegant keyboard remap with keyremap4macbook app, but Blender gone wild and every possible shortcut was broken even more.

I finally give up and declare myself as hopeless. I’m starting to think (well, I am almost sure) Blender developers did this intentionally. :no: In good faith, maybe they wanted to preserve Blender behavior on all platform. It’s not possible and honestly dilettantish for the keyboard-driven software (good idea, thought). As the result, books and tutorials refer to the shortcut key Ctrl+A, but the right key on the Mac would be Alt+A (because Command is in place of the Alt key on the Apple keyboard). It’s impossible to use Blender on Windows and Mac simultaneously without re-learning all the keys again. Am I missing something? This is rather annoying for everyone who wants to blend. I have Microsoft keyboard (officially Mac compatible, ridiculous :)) with the keys mapped as following:

Standard (altered by me) settings
windows key name (Mac meaning)=printed in keyboards sold by Apple

Ctrl key (control)=Command
Windows key (alt/option)=Control
Alt key (command)=Option

Once again
Windows keyboard [Control] [Windows logo] [alternate]
Macintosh keyboard [control] [option(alt)] [command=control in PC keyboard, ctrl+c to copy]
My Mac settings [command] [option/alt] [
control] (yes, exacly like in all other OS’s without Apples)

Image: comparison of Windows and Mac keyboards

I cannot use Macintosh DEFAULT (not the one Steve wants) layout, because I’m also using Windows.
Note I’ve set Modifier keys, so if you are using only OS X with Apple keyboard, you can’t see the problem.

Apple’s default modifier keys are just wrong if you connect any non-Apple USB keyboard. But it is only another related problem. Even Mac heads in Apple probably don’t know what to do with input devices, e.g that strange key symbols referenced through the Snow Leopard are not on Apple keyboards anymore, unnatural mouse acceleration curve (broken by design countless years ago, still mystery to unlucky ones who noticed it).
Another related problem: some keys on the Mac are probably reserved for the system and thus cannot be used by some applications (Command+M to minimize window, Command+W to close Blender, Command is equivalent of the Control key in Windows).

I hope my question is absolutely strange yet clear enough, I don’t know how better could I describe something so complex and bizarre. Thanks in advance for your suggestions! I could just install Windows (or any Linux distribution) just for Blending, but I’ve already kicked them out through the doors.

I use a mac with the standard apple keyboard, with the default preferences and not sure what problems you’re having as everything works as expected.
If something asks for Ctrl+A or Alt+A its just the same on any keyboard.
You seem to be thinking all this is much more complicated that it really is or needs to be.

Not at all. On Apple keyboard, Command key is on the place of the Alt key (in Windows). Mac Command key is used instead of “Windows Control key” and is located left of the space bar. Control key is completely different key on the Mac (they share only same name, on Mac, you use Command instead of Control). Too bad i cannot insert link to the image to show the difference in Windows/Mac keyboards. As i write this, it seems so complicated. Basically, Blender does not respect my altered modifier keys. That is the problem. Everything else is only theory.

EDIT: If you’re using Apple keyboard, yes, there is control key on the left, but i switched its place with the Command key (Apple/System Preferences>Keyboard>Modifier Keys). Blender should respect that.

I’m with Richard on this.

On Apple keyboard, Command key is on the place of the Alt key (in Windows).

Not true. The OPTION key replaces the Window’s Alt Key. In fact, on my mac keyboard, the Option key has a small “alt” written at the top of it, to remind us of that fact. And I’m an addict to system-wide shortcuts and the once I use most work fine in Blender. Which systemwide hotkeys are causing you trouble?

HOWEVER in Blender, the control key acts like the windows control key. This is similar in computer programming, incidentally – if you’re using the Terminal e.g… And that’s an app that ships with the Apple computer…

benu, you are right. I’m using both Mac and “PC” (7 and some Linux distributions), so i am used to “traditional” keyboard layout and I can’t have keys different in all operating systems. That would be absurd, humanly impossible. I have to use the same key. shortcuts in all programs (for example CTRL+C) in the exact order in all systems, as I am OS-agnostic, not lifetime OS X fanatic. That’s why Apple easily allows us to move that keys. Blender unfortunately doesn’t take this into account.

Solution: I can manually go to the System Preferences and change Modifier keys every time I start Blending.

hi, I’ve been using Blender for a couple weeks now, and I am a Mac user, but as far as I can tell, my option key literally does nothing, and I can’t find anywhere to alter my keystroke structure so that it can take the place of the Alt key, as it should. I don’t get it. Other than this one extremely frustrating issue, blender is quite fantastic… but this problem takes an amazing platform and makes a well put together individual want to set things on fire…

If you want Blender to bend to your will like the plebe it is (just kidding), go to System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Mission Control, and from there, disable Mission Control’s keyboard commands by unselecting all of its actions, and boom…it should work like a b0ss in Blender, and work like you’re working on a PC, fam. :hugs: