Blender on multiple monitors?

I just moved up to two screens on my computer (Mac Pro) : how do I get Blender to work on both screens at once?
Can it be done?
It would be good to have tools and so on on one screen and View window(s) on the other.

it can be done on a PC but I’ve never used a mac … but I’d assume yes

Hold Shift + Left Mouse Click and drag from any diamond corner to make a new window.
The blue circles,

Or alternate what I do is File > user prefs (CTRL ALT U) then move and shape those viewports to another screen.

I suggest you to resize (drag corner) Blender to both screen as you do with other softwares. If so all Blender areas are active and ready to click, no extra windows to first click it active and then another click for work.

I already found it myself. Go to the WINDOW menu top left and select “duplicate window” (ctrl Alt W) and then move the second window to the second screen and you can modify it as required.
Thanks anyway.

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you could also look at this: