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Hello Everyone

Ok, I have a bitch. WHY isn’t Blender listed on Renderosity? Or any of the big 3D sites on the internet.

I mean really, I have Poser, Bryce, Lightwave, MAYA and 3D MAX so I can compare all the different versions. After all they have Wings3D listed in the tutorial section along with Terragen and AMAPI 3D.

I think there should be some kind of protest. We need to bring and uprising over their. I guess what needs to be done is images/animation etc of comparable quality to the other software packages out their be put up on the internet. Which there already is!

Just something that started to bug me today while surfing in-between my modeling.


well blender has only begun to be in contention. i like the idea that blender makes an awsomly big entry in a few months- a year, rather than coming in when its still a reasonably new community.


It’s a reasonably new community? See, that confuses me, because I was using it in 2000. If I’m not mistaken, that was 4 years ago.

When I’m searching for blender tutorials I find an overwhelming amount of belnder user sites that have tutorials AND great artwork on them. So I think the blender community is VERY large and although elysiun is clearly a center of things, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

But… while I agree that blender should be visible on the major 3D sites, I also thing that there should be a major 3D site revolving around blender itself. Let’s turn the tables and build an incredible website with loads of information and list the ‘other’ 3D apps IN ADDITION to blender instead of the other way around. I know from experience that if you build such a site it only takes a few people that put the URL in their sig on some other 3D forums to get it visible. But it has to be awesome of course to make it’s claim to fame.

Renderosity published the “Bongo” tutorial on Renderosity Magazine, more there is a Blender section but it’s very little used.


No one will stop you, CyberSorcerer !

well maya has existed for about 9 years (if my sources are correct)

blender is still young at 4 years i feel.


Have to agree with Alltaken. 4 years really isn’t that old, considering that most of the big apps have been around for a decade or more. Sure it bugs me that theres so many arrogant 3DS users who consider blender to be total crap. But hey: that’s changing fast, so I wouldn’t worry about it that much. Blender will make it’s way into those peoples minds sooner or later.

Technically Blender’s not quite THAT young. Development started in (looks it up) 1995 and it was first released on the net in 1998.

Still though, it’s got some catching up to do yet. A lot of its newest features have been standard in commercial apps for a long time. Blender might be a little further along though if it hadn’t lost a whole year of development while its fate was being decided.

<edit>Found an old release anouncment For Blender 1.33 For FreeBSD. </edit> thought it was kind of neat.

I have used both Blender and 3DS Max (at school,) and although I love blender, and use it a lot more, 3DS Max has a LOT of things Blender doesn’t. If nothing else, the massive collection of plugins Max has for damn near anything you could want, makes it a lot more useful for many pro’s.

I don’t think calling them “arrogant” is really fair. There really is a lot Max can do that would take ages to do in Blender, or take a lot of porting (of plugins) to Blender.

I have very little expierence in 3DS Max, so I am unable to provide many examples, but the two that come to mind right now are:

  1. The interface seems a little easier to a newbie…toolbars etc. That said, I find Blender’s interface a lot more efficient, and once you learn it, it makes things go really fast.

  2. Although I think these are plugins, there’s good cloth simulation and stuff like that. I know Blender has stuff in the works, but if you are a pro, you aren’t gonna be patient for something most other products have…don’t be silly.

I know that the #1 will not be as important to a pro, but pro’s do use a big variety of apps to get the job done, so the learning curve can be important at first.

–Farrell F.

well maya has existed for about 9 years (if my sources are correct)

blender is still young at 4 years i feel.

[/quote] Make that 5. The community was very active when I joined. (2 forums ago :))

well maya has existed for about 9 years (if my sources are correct)

blender is still young at 4 years i feel.

[/quote] Make that 5. The community was very active when I joined. (2 forums ago :))[/quote]
I’ll second that.


Yeah, 4 years ago was just when I started using it… the program itself is much older than that, and the free version was released in 1998. I started using it around the time that the (first) C-key was removed, which may have been 1999 now that I think of it.

Alltaken, you really should have known… or at least I would have expected it. It’s young in development in comparison, but not in actual age.

I tried to learn it when that c-key was removed, too :slight_smile:

well i have only been in the community since elysiun started (well i joined about 1 month after elysiun started)

if the blender community si 5 years old then oh well, i am no pro.

Alias was founded in 1983. it has therefore had 21 years in the 3d industry.

Maya was founded in 1993, so has been around for 11 years, maya would have first been sold with most of the features that blender has now i think, (i mean the company would have just stolen code from their other software).

blender started in 1995 with a supposed full rewrite.

so really nomatter how ou look at it, blender is a good sitance behind in development. i think that within 2 years blender will at least be where maya is now, if not further.

i am somewhat gambling on it LOL, and blender has had somewhat more of an interesting history than the others.


I thought you would know, but Neogeo was founded -88 and there’s still code left which is >10 years old. (old traces code for example).

yeah i know neogeo was founded in 1988, but that was only from reading LOL


LOL! Oh boy, Sorry alltaken. Didn’t mean to detract from your point.
(which, of course, is a good one)

The age thing was so trivial it was hardly worth mentioning! :slight_smile:
Ah well.

As for the thread’s main topic, You never know what fruit a few polite emails to some webmasters may bear.

Well either way it goes i think Blender is wonderful for the newbies getting into 3D Modeling/Animation. It is a cheap (FREE) program to get and it gives you knowledge of a wide range on things.

It is a great stepping stone onto the other larger packages and should give you an understanding of the features that you will run into in those package and make learning them much easier.

I spend alot of time on forums teaching and helping people with technical issues in alot of areas involving computers. To give everyone an idea, i have had a computer ever sense the Apple 2e came out which was my first computer so to speak. The other software packages have their place in the industry, but I think so does Blender. At the moment it is perfect for the newbie and affordable.