Blender on Tested!


Hi guys, we just had our hoverbike project featured on Tested and gave Blender a shoutout!

(vitorbalbio) #2

Amazing job!

(aermartin) #3

Dope, love the manual and site also! Very nice to squeeze in a Blender mention in there. :slight_smile:

Best of luck guys! and that vhs tv commercial was awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks Vitor!

Thanks! The manual was done with freestyle, but you already know that :slight_smile:

(tyrant monkey) #5

I love Tested and listen to their podcasts(Still untitled and Creature Geek) pretty religiously, it was really nice to see your project there.

(Willodactyl) #6

Nice work!

(Tarnyloo73) #7

As someone who’s using Blender in conjunction with 3D printing I find this very inspirational. Excellent work!