blender on ubuntu

Hi, I’ve recently switched to ubuntu studio. It’s great, but Im having some problems with blender. I’ haven’t posted this at the ubuntu forum, seemed more of a blender problem, and sorry if this is the wrong forum, or if this has been brough up before, I didnt find anything on google, but I’m not sure how to word this kind of search.

When trying to select a different object in the viewport by right clicking, the object becomes enlarged, but its not actually selected. I’ll post a screenshot tonight.
The odd thing is that I can select vertices fine in edit mode. So selecting things with A, is a little peevy, as well as having objects across different layers.

I tried installing ubuntu 8.10 on windows xp and installed it within windows. I get a command prompt as to which os I want to use and when i choose ubuntu…i get a blank screen with a prompt: grub>
could u throw some light.

cire792 - What video card? With Blender and Linux you’ve got to be careful what video card you use or you can have display problems, which is what this sounds like. I get odd behavior too (Blender on Ubuntu), but I’m on a tablet pc and can’t do anything about the video card.

chela69 - Do you know how to use a command prompt? Possibly the GUI for Ubuntu didn’t get installed. Try entering dir and see what happens. If it displays a directory structure we at least know Ubuntu is running.

it seems that i had an external drive attached for backup and maybe ubuntu got installed on that and my desktop is looking 4 that which is not attached anymore. i will have to try to boot without the external hard drive. btw, any good reads on linux for a newbie.

@chela69 - Just use google, ask at the ubuntu forums to, theres the ubuntu pocket guide, you can download it free

My video card is an ATI Radeon Xpress 200, I asked in the off topic forum for quicker help. Was told it’s probably a video card error, took over to the ubuntu forums, gave me links for the open source driver (which still left me with the right click problem)
and the flgrx, from the repositories, where blender was left blinking, i wasn’t able to see anything
looking into the ATI Catalyst Driver, but can’t get it to install