Blender One: A New Initiative

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Blender One is an initiative aimed at establishing a common set of tools, workflows and best practices for the visual effects industry, with a central focus on open source technology.

Blender 3D is the beating heart of the open source visual effects industry. As such, the purpose of the Blender One initiative is to provide a development space for non-critical feature sets, workflows and external software integrations.

The goals of the Blender One Initiative are the following:

  • Provide premier quality tools for visual effects artists.
  • Establish proven workflows and methodologies for a Blender production pipeline.
  • Propose and publish specifications for software integrations with Blender.
  • Develop and implement integrations for external software and Blender.

Blender One is NOT meant to circumvent or supersede the Blender Foundation or any core developers. Rather, this initiative will provide both auxiliary and supplemental development of Blender in a structured and organized way in tandem with the core development team.


  • Core Blender Development and Blender Python Development has a high barrier to entry due to the “black-box” nature of Blender. Specifically, new devs have a hard time getting started actually doing anything useful.

  • Blender has a proven place in professional production workflows. We seek to develop and document workflows, references, and information regarding how to best use Blender in production environment.

How to Contribute:
If you’re a developer and you’re interested in contributing or being a part of this organization:- Follow this link:

As this initiative gains steam, we’ll continue to add more information to the website and provide a more structured organizational system to help developers collaborate.

This will be an organic process of growth, development and discovery over the course of the next year. Personally, I’d love to hear feedback from the community about the direction of the initiative or any changes you’d like to see. Please use this thread to air out your thoughts, comments & questions, or propose interesting ideas about how Blender One can best serve the Blender community.

Happy Blending!

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