Blender only renders black

i have this problem only on my laptop. i open a file which renders well on my desktop pc but on the laptop it renders all black. if i set the ambient color to full white it renders all grey. i have no idea what could cause this problem. has anybody seen a similar thing or knows a way to narrow down the problem?

same problem with yafray on my notebook…
blender renders normally but yafray doesnt (black or collapse).

with me it’s the other way round. blender does render blackness and yafray somehow looks up.

If its black, then you have Radiocity enabled without setting it up, or you lack a camera, or you lack lighting. Or there’s a conflict with your graphics card.
Whenever I get a blank screen, I have usually accidentally deleted a camera or forgot to set one.

But hey… you’re smarter than that, right?


No lights… :slight_smile:

I have run into this after using AO for my lighting for weeks, then I try to do a quicker render, and turn it off, and forget to put a lamp in. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same problem perhaps, finally found a solution.
That was installing Yafray. Render buttons
are there ready for Yafray, but Yafray is not within blender

people, this is getting serious… IT STARTED TOO ON MY DESKTOP!!! IT’S ALL BLACK!

i have the EXACT same setup as before it worked ( i loaded the same file, no changes to it since then ) and it is all black.

i have lights, i have a camera, i have all it takes for a render but suddenly all is black with all my files.

wtf is going on here?!

I have a model that always does that when I’m doing multiple renderings. A quick fix would be to save->render at low quality->reload file->render as you should.

If it still has that problem, instead of reloading the file, restart blender.

I’m relieved to find that I’m not the only one with this issue. The same happened to me. First it occured on my desktop running Windows XP SP2. Then I navigated my project to my laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. It seems to me that the python log/console that runs prior to the Blender program has disappeared and I’m unsure how this affects the Blender. I’m on Blender 2.59. Alright, it seems like I just rendered a new animation and it seems to working fine for me now. I would recommend reinstalling Blender or downgrading if you have a situation similar to mine where I do have lighting and a camera. I hypothesize however, that the source of my problem is from my graphics card. I have an integrated Radeon HD 4250, and my msi motherboard did not properly install the drivers to Windows XP. Hope this helped.