Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified’s another version of my turret.I think it looks better.

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@ this point solar, the models need to be modular, so every thing will be made of pieces we all design together,

A sensor
A laser
check theRet.blend

the turret from PORTAL looks better…i am going to model a turret better than the one in PORTAL ! which uses Anti matter as its fuel…is it possible to make a portal which uses Anti-matter to destroy things…i mean it will be very powerful…more powerful than any weapon in this world !

I have some models that akira_b has contributed,


basemesh_male2 (5).blend (888 KB)

@ this point we should all just take a deep breath, we need to generate design templates and then decide together what is best,

that turret is made of components,
that is why it looks how it does,

Check out all the .blends

We need to take the time to think about how everything works together,
so this will be a act of patience,

I did, and I’ll admit I hadn’t before (I don’t typically view blends as I don’t think others do much either). Some of them are impressive, your past screenshots don’t do some of your work justice, I think that’s one way you could definitely sell yourself better. I think you and the others here are on the right path and there’s a lot of good energy coming from this thread (topic) already, keep on it!

Thank you :slight_smile:
I want to make something great together,
I need direction and management help and anything else anyone can give,

I try and let my art speak, but sometimes my mouth gets in the way :slight_smile:

here is the lower poly version


basemesh_male2 LowPoly.blend (1.27 MB)

that base mesh is 31k verts…its too many…i think we need low poly mesh…MESH lab is better than Decimate !

I do need to bring akira_b back into the discussion as far as design goes :slight_smile:

but high poly in the design is ok now, we will go low poly, for now lets all just solidify the look feel and intent of the game, and then assign projects based on we each can handle,

I do need low poly architecture that is futuristic and servers purpose,

the more re-usable and modular the designs the better,

think of common door sizes and common architecture, so all the buildings snap together like legos as well :slight_smile:

if we do this right, science fiction may well guide science fact :slight_smile:

aight ! and why people uploads their model in PasteALL …you can upload it here…directly !
i am having problem downloading .blends from PasteALL !
ok…i can also write the GDD for this game if you want me to !
i am modelling a Turret…will texture it and also may animate…with some basic movement keys…its gonna take 6 hours…will be back !

Remember modular design isyedcg

The turret is composed of parented pieces.Why is not that modular?Please explain to me what you mean by modular?How about buildings with diamond shaped doors.

TURRET.blend (1.09 MB)
Here’s the model…if you guys likes this one…i can texture it ! Or else i will have to build again a different TURRET !

simple…if you want it to be composed of pieces…go to edit mode…select the required vertices and press p by selection ! thats it !

No, not what I mean, as in re-usable in game

Like I can rip off a senor/head and stick it on a turret and it will shoot at targets…

so this will be complicated,

screenshot ! 60fps !adding materials…i hope someone to comment or critisize !

ok ! i got it ! then i have to model everything from the beggining ! @Blueprint : Google Hangout or Facebook would better to chat or communicate with each other…!

I am +Jacob Merrill on google+

aight ! tonight might chat ! but i am not gettting your game mechanics …please elaborate what is basically the game…if its complicated …pictures might help us…!

Ok, you can move components around with your hands, they snap together to form systems, think Lego inventor kit, but each pieces is like a logic node,

check out the component cube,

this will take time and concentrated effort, but every piece we make will also demonstrate parts of the game engine,
Laser sensor = Ray
Radar sensor = Radar
Motion sensor = collision sensor and some math

all of these sensors feed out the either local, or world offset of a enemy, and there own position, so an base can aim
So a battery can feed the property power,
A motion set of legs will try and walk to the enemy etc.

So we are in fact making a 3d logic brick setup with models that represent the functions of each sensor

Antenna = message sensor or channel based messages (don’t know exactly how yet)
Motor = apply torque or turn to angle target supplied
Line motor = apply force or move to offset