Blender Open Source??

(Manuel) #1

Why NAN don’t make
Blender Open Source??
The development must be continued!!



(SKPjason) #2

Hey, here’s an idea - why don’t we wait for the body to go cold before we start descending like vultures…

I’m not trying to be acerbic, so please don’t be offended by the apparent tone of the above…

I just find it fascinating that literally within hours of NaN going under people started screaming for it to become “open source.”

Let’s not start embalming the corpse while it’s last breath is still rattling out of the throat…

:smiley: Jason

(Manuel) #3

Do you prefer
a Blender development death?

(SKPjason) #4

No - I prefer patience.

And as far as development - there are a couple groups doing just that - creating tools and such to be used with Blender.

I just think we should wait a short while until we hear what is going to happen with Blender and NaN. Companies can be reborn. Deals can be made. Life doesn’t end just because of bankruptcy. On NaN’s homepage - they even very clearly state that the future of Blender isn’t as grim as some seem to think.

As Mr. Spock has said… “there are always possibilities”

:smiley: Jason

(Manuel) #5

>And as far as development - there are a
>couple groups doing just that - creating tools
>and such to be used with Blender.

I’ve dedicated a lot of time to develop
a cool tool for Blender. Take a look on
my site:

but if the Blender core isn’t update,
the python script begin obsolete…


OK, I’m waiting,
but in my opinion you
are very optimist: this is
the second crash of NAN…

I hope I’m mistaken.

Goodnight (In Italy is 2.45 am)!


(SKPjason) #6

Actually - I use your headmaking script a lot… din’t know there was a new version tho… thanks… very good work.

And as far as being an optimist… well… my first computer was the Adam, my second computer was the Amiga. My favorite TV show was “V”. I love big steel boat-sized cars… everything I love in life turns out to be an underdog that gets crushed and squashed… dammit - why can’t I ever pick a winner… :wink:

(theeth) #7

I agree with Jason on this one, and I’ll add to the cheesy dead comparaison with “nobody needs to go near a warm corpse”

> why can’t I ever pick a winner…

I hope your wife didn’t hear that ;o)