Blender Open World Horror Game [Blend File] Continue if you want :D

I´m working on a new Horror Game with an Open World.
It is a little bit Slender inspired but that is all I say for now.
There has to be a lot till it´s finished, but most of the game mechanics are in, and the world is also almost finished and runs stable at 60 fps.

Download the Blendfile (needs Blender 2.74 or below to run):
If you decide to change things or continue the game please let me know.

Most of the Landscape Models from OliverMH

Hope you like it, and give me Feedback if you want.

If someone can tell me how to realize crouching with changing the collision of the player that would be great.

You could have a second collision box that is the correct height and swap the collision boxes. I believe you have to use triangle mesh for the physics to update.

an Open World, great!

this can be done in a feaw ways, most easy acording to me is to animate the colitionbox using sharpkey’s

shapekeys don’t work well in bge, animating the collision just using scaling keyframes could work however it would warp the models on the z axis. I would say the the best bet is to use two collision boxes as mentioned before. And use the suspend and restore dynamic logic bricks under edit object (if that works with collision boxes).

You can use object.localScale=.5

Keypress crouch------python

Import bge


Keypress crouch invert-----python

Same but own.localScale=(1,1,1)

that is true, sry my mistake, diden’t realize that animating sharpkey’s diden’t affect the objects collition.

Ok thanks I´ll try it out.

I´m sry but, your script isn´t working, and I don´t know why

After quite some time I decided to put up a small video showing the gameplay and the world.
Check out my Youtube Channel for other cool Game videos and tutorials.

Nice Work!

Made This for you

Space = jump

W-S forward/reverse

ctrl = duck


DuckingDemo.blend (469 KB)

Do you have some ideas about the monster yet?

Looks great, what did you use for the sky?

@MarvinCJames: I used a skydome with a texture and parented it to the player. Be shure to use vertex parent.

@RockyMadio: Yes I have, you can see it a bit in the video.

@ BPR: Thanks for the blend. Works fine I will try to implement it into my game.

I apologize for working very slowly on this game, which is mainly because I work a lot on Toms Adventures right now.
Still I created this dynamic lamp, which creates some nice lighting effects.

I Like it!! The biggest thing with horror games to me is to set up jump scares. Like when your in a long hallway and you look behind you and nothings there then you look back and there’s a monster. if well executed this game would be great!! keep up the good work!

Yeah right, but jumpscares could also seem cheap. So it´s more about the ambiance, but I will definitly add some :wink: