blender optimized install problem.

i recently downloaded an optimized version of blender. i dont remember who it is from, im sure it is the most popular of the optimized builds. i tried to install, got an error and gave up. cant remember the error, i believe i installed 2008 redistributable but not positive, also im pretty sure i had python2.5.2 at the time(this was on a different computer) all i really want to know is is there anything special about the optimized version that makes it different than the regular build? im sure it is something pretty simple. if you need me too, i can find the file and reinstall it to see what error i got.

Was the build perhaps optimized for a different processor than you have?

possibly, i got a pentium3, i know it was an odd error, i had trouble figuring it out. i guees i will just forget about and optimized build for now. thanks