server funniness

(Aligorith) #1


Just before posting this, I was trying to read the forums and they are coming up with this:

General Error
Couldn't obtain category list.


SQL Error : 1 Can't create/write to file '/var/tmp/#sql121_2be2a4_3.MYI' (Errcode: 28)

SELECT c.cat_id, c.cat_title, c.cat_order FROM phpbb_categories c, phpbb_forums f WHERE f.cat_id = c.cat_id GROUP BY c.cat_id, c.cat_title, c.cat_order ORDER BY c.cat_order

Line : 154
File : functions.php

Similarly, the orange blog seems to have some problems:

WordPress database error: [Can't create/write to file '/var/tmp/#sql121_2be252_0.MYI' (Errcode: 28)]
SELECT DISTINCT * FROM wp_posts WHERE 1=1 AND post_date_gmt <= '2005-11-02 04:55:59' AND (post_status = "publish") GROUP BY wp_posts.ID ORDER BY post_date DESC LIMIT 0, 10

WordPress database error: [Can't create/write to file '/var/tmp/#sql121_2be252_1.MYI' (Errcode: 28)]
SELECT DISTINCT YEAR(post_date) AS `year`, MONTH(post_date) AS `month`, count(ID) as posts FROM wp_posts WHERE post_date < '2005-11-02 06:55:47' AND post_status = 'publish' GROUP BY YEAR(post_date), MONTH(post_date) ORDER BY post_date DESC

Anybody else experiencing any problems?

(sten) #2

hm yes…looks disturbing…wait to later for today and some admin will take care of it.

(Aligorith) #3

The problems seem to have gotten worse. Now, trying to load the Orange site gives this:

Couldn't write to: /Blender/WebServer/Documents/

Hopefully some web admin over there will look into it.

(nehpets) #4

it can only mean one thing.

the interweb is dying.

lets all stand in a circle and play guitar with candles…

(indigomonkey) #5

Play guitar with candles? Sounds like a fire hazard!

Anyway, it seems to be better now.