Blender osx keyboard shortcuts!

Im using blender on osx with a pc keyboard so I had to change in the modifier keys the control by the command and viceversa to get the overall system to work like in windows. The problem is that in blender the control key is the windows key and I have to change the modifier keys each time I use blender to get it to work like in windows.
I know I can change the shortcuts in the preferences, but is there any way I can change the windows key by the control key all at once?

Did you ever get an answer to this? I need to change F12 and F3 on my Mac because I can’t render an image and I don’t know how to change on the Mac System Prefs or in Blender? I’m a newbie. Do you know by any chance? I’m researching this everywhere. Please reply to: [email protected]

What do you mean you cannot render an image with F12. If you are using a mac keyboard are you also holding down the fn key. In the OSX keyboard user preferences you can change the function keys to work as function keys without holding the fn key down. You can press the render button in the render settings,

Have you ever heard about google? :evilgrin:
I guess the Apple Help menu has a bunch of informations about PC-Keyboards too.

Here is a picture of the keyboard system preferences:

Just push the Modifier-Keys button and you can dedicate each special PC functions key onyour keyboard to the equivalent Mac Key. And if you untick the “Use the F1 …” box you will have the function keys ready for your command.