Blender physics?

Hi there.
I was looking to this kind of video: Blender physics Simulations.

My question;
How can I setup those buildings, and how to animate it?

I already sought on Google, but I couldn’t find what I wanted to know.
I understand now that I can go in ‘Blender Game’, and make some blocks ‘rigid’,
but if I made a tower of it, it was bouncing and then it fall, without shooting an object into it.

Does anyone have a good tutorial (up-to-date please) for me?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Maybe you should watch this 2 videos:

open the blender program add a cube, lower it 2 on Z with grab so it is supporting the first cube, rescale it With S and then do Shift + Z rescale it so it is your “Ground”, select the default cube, edit it and re-scale it into a long “brick” shape leave it 2 high by 2 wide, copy it and array or rotate so you have 2 blocks 180 degrees apart, grab both, do Shift+d to duplicate, then do G for grab, hit Z then 2.05 so that the other blocks are under the original blocks but not inside, rotate it 180 degrees so it makes the base of your tower, change the render type in the drag-down to blender game engine, go to physics tab in properties editor, turn from static to dynamic, on each of the 4 bricks, grab all for, do shift+D and lift up 4, Repeat!!!
I hope this helps. you will also need a “First Domino” to start the tip,