Blender Pipeline App Launcher - Development Code Name "Blender Multi-Run" (BMR)

For those of you that have been following my Blender Multi-Run Pipeline App Launcher project here is a screenshot of my first git ini config file setup for an improved git and build workflow:

The app launcher is driven by an ini file that is loaded and populates the GUI for those that have not seen it before. It improves a workflow by instead of a lot of clicking, folder nav and typing you just edit and load the bmr.ini file and then just click the [R]. So throughout the day, when devs are doing a lot of commits a fresh Blender build is only a few clicks away!

Here is an early screenshot of managing a Blender and FFMPEG workflow:

The main concept is you can have these bmr.ini files all over your computer to manage any workflows you have. A busy workflow with this tool can be saved about 300-500 clicks a day and the time needed to navigate and type in information repeatedly.

I have lots of features and an improved GUI in the latest version and more cool stuff on the way. This is a multi-platform tool that runs on Linux, windoze, and Mac. It also works as an apps and utils manager and launcher in a production pipeline setting.

It efficiently allows managing of multiple Blender builds and the passing of blend files between builds.

I will post more information soon and put it up for download. This is a tough concept to understand for some people so I will also post a video as soon as possible to let you “see” what it does.


Nice. Would love to see a demonstration video

Time to catch up on some of my threads here. Lazarus/FPC is great for cross platform work. So I started using this utility on more platforms. It compiled no problem to windoze 8 and OS X. OS X had a couple very simple adjustments. Other than that it ran perfectly. So currently it runs on windoze xp/vista/7/8, OS X 10.6+ and Linux 64/32bit.

I will be making some videos for some other things so I will make a video of this so it’s easier for those that have never used an app launcher to see how it improves a workflow.

Thanks : )

The next version of the app launcher will be release in late January. I will post some info here soon on the progress.
Thanks for everyone’s support.