Blender Pizza and Architecture Visualization

To not only do abstract renders for ever and ever I tried my hands on Architectural Visualization, a wide field in 3D CGI. My Rendered animation is supposed to be hyperreal, I hope I got that down, and of course something different from the usual furniture store catalogue renders that Archvis is… it is way more realistic than my other renders, but still not really real, there are lots of small fantastic things to discover, have fun, I had a lot of fun making this…
And I really hope you like the cheesy poppy music that is supposed to sound like the most default, youtube music library, techcorp advertisment, text over video soundtrack thingy muzak, which it totally is not…

Spoiler... watch the animation first!

during the making of this animation I thought I can make the chilis on the pizza procedural and thus the chili generator was created: Red Hot Chili Peppers /// Geometry Nodes Chili Generator

find my previous animation here

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Great work, congrats.

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thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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